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  • Lindsay Paige Stein

The 11 Trendiest Destinations to Visit This Fall, According to Experts

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Fall is the sweet spot when booking a trip because, for many destinations, travelers will encounter fewer crowds, fun festivals, and pleasant weather. From Sweden to Argentina, India, and Bhutan, here's a list of the top 11 trending destinations to visit this Fall and why, according to the travel experts and luxury tour company at Black Tomato.

1. Morocco

One of the best times to visit Morocco is Fall, as the Atlas Mountains are sitting in a perfect equilibrium between scorched valleys and snow-dumped peaks. "Trekking through the mountains at this time of year is a literal breeze, with days long and bright," says Tom Marchant, cofounder of luxury tour operator Black Tomato. On a trip to Morocco, Marrakesh is a must. Travelers can cross off luxury and history at the same time by staying at La Sultana, a luxury historical hotel located in Medina, a UNESCO listed site.

2. Malaysia

Come Fall, the monsoon rains have subsided to make way for the lush jungles and calm seas on the west coast of Malaysia. Out on the island of Langkawi, this November will see the reopening of one of the island's most iconic resorts: The Datai. Whether you're in the country to hit the beach, jungle, city, or tea plantations, Fall is the time to visit.

3. Colorado

Fall is an optimal time to hike, bike, and experience some of the best of Colorado before the crowds descend for ski season. Telluride is discreetly tucked in to the Colorado mountains and offers low-key good vibes, great food, fall foliage, and a bustling arts and music scene. The Telluride Farmers' Market runs throughout the Fall and celebrates local farmers and vendors.

4. Iceland

There's no better time to visit the enchanting city of Reykjavik than late September and early October, when the Reykjavik International Film Festival is in full swing. Held over 11 days, the festival showcases a wide range of dramas and documentaries from over 40 countries, with an emphasis on independent filmmaking and up-and-coming filmmakers. The bright lights of the film industry aren't all that's lighting up Iceland in the Fall, though, as visitors also have the chance to spot the magical Northern Lights.

5. Sweden

Sweden is one of those countries that will steal your heart no matter the weather, but during the Fall, visitors can experience beautiful foliage and dry weather. Travelers can rent a yacht and sail out into the Stockholm archipelago to discover tiny islands that, freed from the crowds of Summer, feel like their own private sanctuary.

6. Argentina

One of the best times to visit Argentina is in the country's Spring season, which takes place during America's Fall. This shoulder season boasts mild temperatures, fewer crowds, and colorful foliage. Also, southern right whales are headed into the bays of Peninsula Valdes, making for some of the best whale-watching conditions. Better yet, the US dollar is going further than ever before in Argentina. Need we say more?

7. Tuscany

As the temperatures begin their steady decline, Tuscany's Fall leaves create a kaleidoscope of vivid colors worth seeing. Truffle-lovers can go hunting or visit the hillside of San Miniato between September and December to find their own truffles and then learn how to cook and eat them. "Whilst many will look to Northern Italy and the Istrian border for their truffles, the Tuscan hillsides are arguably richer for their crop of top-drawer tartufo bianco pregiato," says Marchant.

8. South Africa

South Africa is the country for wildlife no matter what time of year you visit, but Fall is the best time to watch the whales pass through Cape Town. Hermanus, in the western cape, has long been the country's top spot for catching sight of a passing fin or fluke, but make your way along the Garden Route between September and November and you will see the marine world come to life. With the US dollar looking good against the Rand, it's the perfect time to check South Africa off your bucket list.

9. New Zealand

Over the first two weeks of November, Hawke's Bay plays host to one of the most popular gourmet events on New Zealand's calendar. The Food and Wine Classic brings together some of the region's best producers to share a few of their closely held secrets. Hosting everything from secret location lunches to wine auctions and goat-cheese-making workshops, if you weren't a New Zealand gourmand when you arrived, you will be by the time you leave.

10. Bhutan

After the heat of the Summer and before the icy Himalayan winds of the Winter, Fall makes a perfect time to visit Bhutan. The Bhutanese Tshechu Festival is worth traveling to on its own, where visitors can take part in spiritual blessings at the temples and meditation sessions led by local monks that will leave them feeling completely at peace and ready to celebrate this beautiful festival.

11. India

In India, October through November marks the start of the Diwali festivities, with tiny lights seemingly lighting up every town, city, and village. This festival, celebrated every Fall, is a time for people to come together and celebrate new beginnings. Ranked as one of the best places to visit in India in October, Jammu and Kashmir is filled with stunning nature sites, trekking, hiking, and spottings of rare animals.

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