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Eating Italy: Amalfi Coast Edition

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

Last week, my mom finally came to visit me in Prague! After showing her around the city I have been living in, catching up and taking her to my favorite resturaunts, we headed off to Italy to meet my best friend & her mom. After three days in Florence (that's for a different post) we were en route to our beachfront hotel in Positano. Simply put, the Amalfi Coast is amazing. Lemons are a staple food along the coast. The Italian locals grow lemon trees and put the fruit to good use, mixing it with liqueur (to make limoncello), gelato ice-cream, candies and other treats.

Our first day we went to the town of Sorrento for an italian cooking class at Sorrento Cooking School...I was SO excited and actually learned a lot.

The chef who taught us gave me some really good cooking advice that I will keep with me forever. My favorite tip was to always keep your recipes simple & fresh. Using too many ingredients and spices will overdo it. By keeping it simple you taste every single ingredients you are adding into your meal.

We learned how to make a pizzettes, ravioli pasta, a fresh fish dish & tiramisu.

Neapolitan "Pizzette"- It was extremely easy and quick to make, but sooo yummy. Making & kneading the dough was really fun (and messy). I will definitely be cooking this for my friends back at home!

"Capri" style ravioli (as seen on my Instagram page)- Each ravioli was stuffed with ricotta, mozzarella & parmesan cheese. So good..actually craving it now.

I'm not a huge fan of tiramisu but the cream layers and cocoa powder topping was to die for…just saying.

The next day we took a day trip to Capri on our own private boat! I was in heaven. Luckily, we ended up having our best weather day of the trip with a clear blue sky and temperature in the 60's.

Right when we got off the boat we found this great restaurant on the harbor overlooking the boats- I got a rucola, tomato and shrimp salad. We also got a marinara pizza for the table to share (god forbid I just got a salad for once). After doing a little shopping & walking around town we followed this insanely good smell right to this gelato shop that makes the ice-cream cones right in front of you. So naturally, I got gelato.

Last stop: Ravello. Similar to the other towns on the coast except for the fact that is has this restaurant- Cumpa' Cosimo. Going to this restaurant made my trip, the experience was that good. It was a family-owned cliche of an italian trattoria. "Mama" made us finish our entire plates until they were squeaky clean. Maybe my opinion is slightly swayed by the fact that a handsome italian man fed me tiramisu? Either way…I loved it!

Ciao for now, Italia!

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