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  • Lindsay Paige Stein

Guide to Prague's Street Food

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Old Town Square (Staromestke Namesti) is the oldest and most significant historical centre of Prague filled with street performers, amazing castles, the astronomical clock & lots of food (of course). To fully enjoy the magical and medieval atmosphere of Old Town Square my friends and I decided to grab a traditional Czech beer and "went ham"…but literally. We ordered the sausage, ham & beers, just to try it all.

The most popular street food is Fried Cheese (Smažený sýr), commonly sold all along the Wenceslas Square stands, 24 hours a day. It's a thick slice of deep fried cheese (basically an oversized mozzarella stick) on a bun & then you add mayonnaise, mustard or ketchup. It can't be too good for you, but it's so tasty and the best 'drunk food' known to mankind.

Sitting on the quaint cobble stone streets in Old Town Square to me is like sitting on cloud nine. It gives you this cozy and homey feeling as if you are living in a fairytale.

Dobrý den!

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