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  • Lindsay Paige Stein

Must-Try Spots in Barcelona

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

While exploring the city of Barcelona this past weekend I encountered everything from tapas, sangria, sweet treats to amazing markets- this Spanish city is a delight for cooks and foodies.

Our first day we walked around and then relaxed on the beach with a fresh pitcher of sangria. I might have taken relaxation to another level when I got a massage on the beach, but all I was thinking was "why not?". Later in the day we made our way to Port Vell Restaurant, which serves traditional spanish cuisines. We ordered some more sangria and tapas style cod fritters. For my main dish I ordered seafood paella, rich with rice and various shellfish.

The amount of different stands that offered sweet treats was not to be believed! If you have a sweet-tooth then you would have been in heaven. i got to try everything from kit-kat flavored gelato (it was out of this world), chocolate covered waffles to sour gummy candies. It's safe to say that I most likely left this trip with a cavity or two.

Saturday night we wined & dined at a tradition italian restaurant, Da Greco. My absolute favorite part about Da Greco is that they let you try everything that everyone orders. Once an order for a dish is placed, they bring out an extra plate of that dish to pass around for the rest of the table. It's really awesome because if you think you ordered the wrong thing theres always more to try and to eat! I ordered the white truffle tortellini and my friends ordered the spaghetti puttanesca & gnocchi. It was definitely worth every euro and I would highly recommend coming here!

When in Barcelona and looking for a market, everyone goes to the Boqueria. And so they should. It’s a wonderful market, buzzing, lively and full of energy. It is impossible to not be tempted to try everything you pass.

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