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  • Lindsay Paige Stein

Pack This: January Travel Essentials

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

We all have travel essentials we don't leave on a trip without - the little details that make the journey as comfortable as possible, so I've decided to share my top items each month.

Have these six items in your carry-on at all times to ensure wellness, comfort and inspiration.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with aloe, herb and rosewater. Perfect for travel, carry on board to ensure your skin stays hydrated as you fly.

Customized Leather Passport Cover. My sister got me this passport cover with "wanderlust" engraved in the front and my name engraved in the back - I'm obsessed! The Etsy shop, Always Rooney, offers plenty of personalized leather travel goods that are perfect for any globetrotter.

C.O Bigelow's "My Favorite Lip Balm" from Bath and Body Works. A blend of nourishing shea butter, sweet almond oil and wheat germ to condition and soothe lips that may get chapped on a long flight.

Silk Microbead Neck Pillow. Filled with thousands of ultra fine polystyrene beads to support your head & neck in the most comfortable way. The outer shell is half spandex and half micro plush. Arrive at your destination refreshed and relaxed!

Vitruvi's Aromatherapy Roll On Oil. This anxiety-free roll on relief will allow you to breath easy & remind yourself to be in the present moment. Vitruvi's products are all free of toxins and promote mindfulness, meditation and beyond.

Wanderlust iPhone Case. Having some travel inspo on the back of your phone will just remind you why you started your journey and get you excited about your next destination!

Shop my Travel Essentials Below!

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