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  • Lindsay Paige Stein

Tel Aviv Food Guide: My Favorite Spots in Tel Aviv

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

A couple weeks ago I was lucky enough to travel to Tel Aviv, my second favorite city in the world (right after NYC, of course!) Everything about this vibrant city makes me never want to leave the minute I arrive- the people, the nightlife, the clean beaches and obviously, the delicious food.

While there is a huge variety of food eaten in Israel, my favorite is the typical Israeli cuisines. I went to a great bistro in the middle of the city called Cafe Noir. I had Israeli salads (finely chopped tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers, fresh lemon juice & olive oil), Druze Pita (filled with minced lamb and beef with tziziki) and the best chicken schnitzel in town.

No visit to Israel would be complete without trying falafel. Falafel is basically a crunchy fried ball of seasoned chickpeas, usually served on pita & topped with veggies, pickles, hot sauce, tahini, hummus and french fries. You will find them all over Israel, in restaurants and street stands.

We stopped over at the Carmel Market, know in Israel as Shuk Ha'Carmel, the city's biggest marketplace. It is basically one long, crowded, narrow alley where the vendors sell everything imaginable from exotic spices, to fresh olive oil to cheap jewelry. This market is a "must" if you are able to travel to Tel Aviv.

I had my fair share of quality seafood during this trip and I am not complaining! We went to Fu Sushi restaurant which had the freshest sushi I have eaten in a while. I had the salmon and avocado sandwich & a crunchy spicy tuna roll, it was so good that I was debating whether or not I should go back for a second time that week.

The next night we went to a modern chic seafood restaurant, Goocha where we had seafood gnocchi in a crab sauce, fried calamari and the seafood mix in chipotle sauce. It had a cool atmosphere and everything was tasty!


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