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  • Lindsay Paige Stein

5 Up-and-Coming Food Destinations from Around the World

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Paris, Tel Aviv, New York and Tokyo are among the top destinations for food-lovers, but globe-trotters are constantly searching for new culinary experiences to plan their travels around. With our current food-obsessed culture, culinary travel is becoming the most popular reason to visit many places around the world. Here are some real up-and-coming foodie havens that should definitely be on the top of your bucket list.

1. Croatia

After traveling throughout Europe, this is the one country that I really regret not visiting. World-class produce and the influences from Italian and central European cuisines combine to make a unique blend of the best of many different regions. Croatia is a country with a complicated history and a diverse culinary scene to match. The best Croatian food is often simple, but always tasty with a strong local food scene that makes the most of the region's excellent products, which are: Seafood, pasta, olive oil, mushrooms, lots of truffles, Croatian prosciutto, Kulen -- a hot and spicy salami made in the Slavonia region that gets shipped all across the country everyday, Krafne -- Croatian jam donuts -- and, of course, wine.

2. Sri Lanka

On the top of my wish-list and located on the southern tip of India, this island of tea and elephants is home to a diversity of cultures, wildlife and ancient Buddhist ruins. Rice and spicy curries are a staple found in any Sri Lankan household or restaurant, and their cuisine is nonetheless that of an island, featuring mostly coconut and fish. Popular Sri Lankan dishes include fried sweets, Kiribati, rice cooked in thick coconut milk that are served in slices, and Egg Hoppers -- a crepe-like crispy bowl made from rice flour and coconut milk, filled with spicy chile sauces, chutney, fresh herbs and an egg (YUM).

3. Jamaica

I've been back and forth to Jamaica for work, and every time I visit I'm in awe of their culture, positivity and love for life. Jamaica is known for their jerk chicken, Appleton Estates rum, Red Stripe beer and huge selection of delicious fresh fruits, but there's so much more to explore in this Caribbean nation's food scene that offer ingredients difficult to find anywhere else. For breakfast, try ackee -- Jamaica's national fruit fried up with codfish for a surprisingly egg-like dish. Broaden your horizons by sampling stewed goat or oxtail, which are usually served with some steamed callaloo, a Jamaican leafy green.

4. Burma

With Myanmar opening to the outside world, visitors are discovering a cuisine that’s been widely hidden from sight for the last 50 years. Food lovers are flocking to this southeast Asian country bordering China, India and Thailand to experience the local exotic cuisine that is rich in savory and salty flavors. Some must-try Burmese food includes tea leaf salad, shan-style rice, mohinga, shan-style noodles, and the various deep-fried street snacks such as spring rolls, savory fritters and samosas.

5. Morocco

Marrakech combines the flavors of France, Africa and the Middle East and offers some of the best, and most unusual, food stands where you can taste on-the-go bites all throughout the day. Some of their popular cuisines are Moroccan meatball tagine, spicy sausages, Harira -- a zesty lentil, tomato and chickpea soup -- and Tanjia, which is a unique meat-heavy dish traditionally prepared in a clay cooking pot.

Which top foodie destination will you try next?

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