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Montreal Coffee Shops You Should Go To

January 25, 2017

You're in Montreal, and you're probably a little cold, so where can you go to warm up? Throughout downtown and old Montreal, you can find cozy coffee shops on basically every street. I've explored the city and brought to you 3 Montreal coffee shops that you should go to when looking for an amazing combination of delicious pastries, caffeine and good vibes. 


1. Tommy Cafe 

This beautiful coffee house in the heart of the Old Montreal district has an upbeat vibe, quick service, friendly staff and most importantly unreal cronuts. There's a combination of seating at bar stools, benches, and tables, many of which are perfect posts for people watching. 

2. Maison Christian Faure 

As soon as you walk into this chic pastry boutique, you'll  smell and see dozens of pastries - from small cakes to croissants to delicious macaroons. Christian Faure is a highly renowned pastry chef who has won many prestigious awards around the world, so it'd be a mistake to miss this spot when visiting Montreal. Along with the pastries, they service a spot-on brunch with beautiful presentation. 

 3. Café Parvis

Casual cafe with outdoor seating and an open kitchen offering coffees, pizza, pastries, creative light fare & wine. 


Have any other suggestions for amazing cafés that you love in Montreal? Comment below!


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